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Looking for a candidate to apply for FPU (DISPLAMAZ project)

Rio Cetico en Parque de Cordillera Azul, Peru
Cetico river in Cordillera Azul Park, Peru

We are looking for a candidate interested in applying for a predoctoral contract (FPU) for a PhD position in tropical forest biodiversity. The contract would be associated to the research project: “Multiscale analysis of distribution patterns and dominance of woody plants in Tierra Firme forest in northeast Amazonia” (DISPLAMAZ), financed by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (CGL2016-75414-P).

The purpose of this project is to analyse, in a latitudinal gradient of more than 2000 km, the distribution patterns of woody plants and their assembly processes in communities from a multiscalar perspective: integrating floristic, functional and phylogenetic diversity with environmental and traditional knowledge data. To get to this, we will use as a model system the Tierra Firme tropical forest, which offers an excellent opportunity to evaluate the hierarchical model of plant communities assemblage.

The project involves fieldwork (floristic inventories) in Peru and Ecuador, as well as laboratory work and data analysis. The final PhD candidate will be based in the Department of Biology of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, but will also have to spend part of his time in the Department of Biology of the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid), as well as in other institutions in Peru, Ecuador, Denmark and the United States.

The candidate must meet the following requirements:

-Average academic records: degree higher than 7.17 and master higher than 8.32

-The candidate must have availability for long stays of fieldwork in tropical areas of Peru and Ecuador. The total duration of the contract is 4 years.

Contact. All those interested should send their CV (plus the academic transcript) to Manuel J. Macía ( and Luis Cayuela ( until December 21st.

The detailed information of the grant (FPU) can be found on the following website:


Thanks and good luck!

Sloanea sp. en Parque Cordillera Azul, Perú
Sloanea sp. en Parque Cordillera Azul, Perú

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