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DISPLAMAZ project goes on…

The DISPLAMAZ project walked its first steps during the last year 2017,, and it is now ready to continue with the data collection and all the adventures that come along this investigation project.

The research team is leaded from Spain by Manuel J. Macía (Principal Investigator) and coordinated in Peru by Julia G. Aledo and Celina Ben Saadi, the new incorporation to the project. We will be working during this year 2018 in two different areas in the Peruvian Amazon. The first of them will be in the Reserva Comunal Yanesha.

The Yanesha community is going to give us their support to study their ethnobotany. The Yanesha community has a total population of 7000 inhabitants, grouped in around 1400 families and spread in 35 villages. The Yanesha belong to the Arahuaco linguistic family. The Yanesha identity is based on the natural landscape and territory, which became part of their daily support and pharmacy. They live out of growing corn, yucca, beans, fishing, hunting and ranching cattle. In 1988, the Reserva Comunal Yanesha was established over a 34.774 ha territory, with the means to protect the flora and fauna which serve as livelihood for the surrounding communities.

Our team will be working in this area, surrounded by the Yanachaga-Chemillén NP flora, characterized by a high altitudinal, geographic and climatic variation, creating ecological niches of high biological diversity. We will be living and working with the Yanesha people for a month, analyzing and collecting botanic and soil samples, and ethnobotanic information, in addition to coexist with the community sharing culture, histories and experiences.

More information coming soon!

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