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Starting a new European research project

Luis Cayuela and Norma Salinas have met in Lima, together with other colleagues, in the context of the kick-off meeting of a new european research project entitled “Geographic variation in the impacts of land use changes on ecosystem stability” (ELAC2015/T01-0880). The main goal of the project is to determine how land use change impact ecosystem stability, for which we will use insect herbivory as a measure of disturbance in order to quantify ecosystem resilience throughout time. Within the project we will work in different parts of the globe, including Finland, France, Spain, Peru and Argentina.

Dr. Mikhail Kozlov, project coordinator and a worldwide leading expert in herbivory, chaired the meeting, attended by members of three out of the five research groups that participate in the project. During the next three years we expect to make important contributions to this field.

Miembros asistentes a la primera reunión del Proyecto GILESAttendants to the kick-off meeting of GILES Project. From left to right: Vitali Zverev (University of Turku), Elena L. Zvereva (University of Turku), Norma Salinas (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Perú), Luis Cayuela (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos), Eric Cosio (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú) y Mikhail V. Kozlov (University of Turku).

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